eHealthcare Leadership Awards Honors IPNY with a Distinction Award for Regeneron Campaign

eHealthcare Leadership Awards 2022

IPNY is proud to announce winning a Distinction eHealthcare Leadership Award for their Regeneron campaign, Mono WHAT? (Taking Aim Against COVID) in the category, Best COVID-19 Pandemic Related Communications. This was the only award given in the Pharma or Medical Equipment Manufacturer category. The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize outstanding digital creative work in the healthcare industry.

The campaign was an effort to help curtail the devastating effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Regeneron, manufacturer of a Monoclonal Antibody treatment, launched an unbranded campaign to help build broader awareness of Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) as a potentially lifesaving therapy among at-risk patients (i.e., those with specific underlying health issues that could compound a COVID diagnosis) and their friends/families. The campaign is focused on educating newly diagnosed at-risk patients to seek treatment immediately. Importantly, this was an unbranded initiative that did not mention Regeneron or its product by name.

There was a call to action on all the work that led to the Regeneron landing page,, which was taken down. The site linked to a government sponsored website that had a host of educational information about COVID-19.

The media buy skewed toward both an urban and ethnically diverse population since the incidence of COVID was highest in cities and among ethnic minorities. In addition to television, the campaign leveraged social/digital marketing and Spanish language radio.

The campaign proved to be an immediate success. After just 10 weeks, awareness of monoclonal antibody treatment jumped 10% nationally and the percentage of those who claimed they became aware of monoclonal antibody treatment through television advertising more than tripled. Among the key Hispanic target, awareness of monoclonal antibody treatment jumped by 70%.

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards are a leading award program that exclusively acknowledges the very best websites and digital communications of healthcare organizations (both large and small), online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, agencies/suppliers, and business improvement initiatives. These awards highlight the role of digital communications in achieving healthcare organizations’ business objectives.