Horse Shopping in Ireland

I’ve been a horse owner most of my life. Having just retired my 19-year-old gelding, it’s time for a new horse. I spent the last six months looking locally, to no avail. I need to find that hard-to-find horse – one with a great mind, smooth gaits, an experienced jumper, and with enough ability to do a little bit of everything (otherwise known as an all-rounder). So I went to the place that’s known for the quality and quantity of horses – Ireland.


Day 2. First horse, Innis. I like him. He’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I should see what else is out there.


Day 3,4 and 5. Lots of nice horses, but none match up to Innis.

Day 6: Now that I’ve decided on the horse, I get the added pleasure of trying Innis out on the Connemara Coast. First day is the beach. Galloping on the beach is a blast, you feel like you’re flying.

We’re riding from 11:30am to 5:30pm with an hour break for lunch. The horses’ lunch break involves rolling in the sand and eating grass. Innis is a good roller. There’s an old horseman’s tale that connects the monetary value of a horse to the number of times he can roll over.


Day 7: The mountain ride. We go for six hours up and down paths you’d think only a goat could manage. Needless to say Innis has passed all tests for being an “all-rounder”. Innis’ reward is good back scratch by his pal Norman.


My reward is a pint or two of Guinness. It’s unbelievable in Ireland.


By the way, Innis has plenty of “jump”. That’s him jumping a big cross country fence.


Last stop before writing the check: The vet. Innis passes with flying colors.


Next stop – New York. Innis’ “pod” being loaded on the plane.

Innis in NY

Innis at his new home in Hyde Park, NY.