Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The momentum of our cancer discoveries is saving more lives.

Can you kill a cancer cell by starving its oxygen supply? Disable cancer’s cellular survival mechanism? What if we attack cancer through multiple pathways instead of one? Why do some cancer patients build up resistance to treatment and others don’t?

Dana-Farber scientists consistently show how the right questions can lead you to places you’ve never imagined. In this series of videos you’ll meet:
• Nobel Prize winner Dr. William Kaelin, whose pioneering work has brought about a whole new class of drugs that cuts off the oxygen supply to tumor cells and has proven successful in treating kidney cancer.
• Dr. Anthony Letai and Dr. Jacqueline Garcia, who leveraged the prior discovery of a cancer “survival protein” to help develop powerful new treatments for blood cancers such as CML and AML.
• Dr. Gordon Freeman, whose foundational work identifying the PDL-1 pathway created an immunotherapy revolution that has paved the way for new treatments in Hodgkin’s lymphoma, head and neck cancers, metastatic melanoma and kidney cancer.
• Dr. Pasi Janne, whose co-discovery of the EGFR mutation in lung cancer patients led to the first application of precision therapy in lung cancer.

You’ll also meet inspiring people whose lives were saved by the momentum of discovery at Dana-Farber.

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Dana-Farber momentum on ipad
Dana-Farber momentum on ipad