Gift of Life International

Whatever it takes to heal a child’s heart.

Gift of Life. Girl

Gift of Life International has saved over 40,000 lives since its inception.

This 42-year-old charity with a mission of healing congenital heart defects in children around the world has created 84 autonomous programs in 80 countries, teaching local professionals how to perform these life-saving pediatric surgeries themselves.

With low donor public awareness and dwindling organizational grants, GOLI engaged IPNY for its first-ever public awareness campaign targeting charitable donors in the U.S. Two key insights arose from our discovery work: Everyone at GOLI has a level of commitment rarely seen in other non-profits; and, when asked to explain how the organization works, GOLI employees and volunteers rely heavily on storytelling.

Our strategy positions GOLI as an ongoing story of passion and hearts healing hearts. And for every story about how the life of a child has been made whole, we tell the amazing story of how GOLI made that happen.

Results: To date, this initiative has been among GOLI’s top-performing mailings.

Gift of Life. A healthy heart. And hope. Ad


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