Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The new generation.

What makes Someday is Today different from most other fundraising campaigns is that the facts can speak for themselves – the facts being cancer patients who have been cured or are in remission. They are enjoying what was once considered an impossible quality of life for cancer sufferers.

IPNY crossed the country one summer and talked to a number of cancer survivors. The reality of their lives and the moving, believe-it-or-not quality of their experience has been popularized at local LLS chapter fundraisers, on YouTube and Facebook, and on a dedicated LLS fundraising microsite.

Results: This first-of-its kind content development program for LLS was produced relatively inexpensively. It produced a significant amount of new creative assets that could be used across social media channels, the website, at local events, and even as new TV ads.

Client Review: Clutch.co