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Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) is a rare, hard-to-detect form of blood cancer. That it has gained attention from the medical and pharmaceutical communities is primarily due to the Myelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation (MDSF). Over the last three decades, MDSF has become the gold standard of professional education and patient support for MDS, enabling greater awareness and higher standards of treatment.

IPNY is building MDSF’s first-ever brand awareness campaign.We are creating a compelling case for advocacy and support among patient, professional and donor communities. An astounding proof point unveiled in our discovery work shows the powerful impact this organization is having. MDSF has not only built the current Center of Excellence model which drives patients to the appropriate venues for treatment, and contributed to the classification system that helps physicians determine appropriate treatment of protocols. It has also spurred the development of real clinical trials and therapies. Thirty years ago, only three pharma companies were pursuing new MDS treatments. Today, thanks to MDSF, over 30 companies are working on cures and new therapies around the world.

MDSF is truly the catalyst that makes it all happen – and this led to a big creative idea that addresses the long path to diagnosis and treatment that comes with a rare disease: For patients, professionals and donors, MDSF are the people who convert hope into action, or make hope work. Our campaign leverages this call to action in compelling ways through several fundraising initiatives in branded social media, direct mail and email. Still in its infancy, the campaign results have have been extremely positive, setting new records for event attendance and surpassing fundraising goals.

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