Mirman Markovits and Landau

Justice is no accident with
the right lawyer.

The world of personal injury law is full of come-ons from less than professional lawyers promising large cash settlements to those who have suffered accidents due to negligence.

Research showed that clients feel desperate and in need. And because they don’t pay their own money for the lawyer (who is normally paid based on a percentage of winnings), clients often take the first lawyer who agrees to handle their case, with little attention to their skills or expertise.

One of New York’s premier personal injury law firms, Mirman Markovits and Landau has set out to change this dynamic by educating the target on what makes a good attorney – and to remind us that the first step in getting the right settlement is choosing the right lawyer.

Results: Website visits have steadily increased in the few months since this TV campaign has run, delivering an average 40% lower cost per lead.

Mirman Markovits and Landau. Justice is no accident with the right lawyer